tisdag 21 juni 2011

Audience targeting failing after upgrade to SharePoint 2010 pt2

In the former post I described an issue that can arise when upgrading MOSS to SP2010 concerning audience targeting. The solution in most cases turns out to be to change the name attribute in fields from Target_x0020_Audiences to Audience. In som cases that will not work. For uncustomized list schemas containing items, the new field named Audience is actually just added to the list instance.

That will of course result in major issues since there are two fields in the list with the same id but with different names. When opening an item in such a list, the aspx-form will crash. My only solution to this was to make  create a temporary list based on the same template (where the audience field has the correct name), copy all items from the original list, delete the original list and create a new one with the same name, copy the items back and delete the temporary list.

The issue here being that all references to the original list will be lost, like List View Web Parts or CQWPs pointed to that specific list.

I went for this solution because time became critical and the customer accepted to make the manual patches.

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